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The Peruvian Super Foods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss; By Manuel Villacorta, M.S., R.D, with Sarah Koszyk; Health Communication, Inc.; ISBN: 978 0 7573 1821 4; $18.95; 308 Pages

"The Dance Workforce has a continuous task to locate and consume nutrient dense foods that are low in calories and hopefully low cost. Our community has an edge in knowing that high quality fuel for our 'living instrument' is important for all the reasons that produce optimum health, reduce injuries & down time, generate longer careers, and, less anxiety about doing the right things for said instrument that does not get protection from the environment via a violin case.
Manuel Villacorta's new Incan superfood protocol promises excellent results to maintenance and longevity concerns for our professional arts and sports population. He cites 21 foods from Peru that are extremely beneficial for health and wellness. These foods are Aji, Artichokes, Avocado, Beans, Cacao, Camu, Chia Seeds, Cilantro, Kañiwa, Kiwicha, Lucuma, Maca, Papaya, Pichuberries, Purple Corn, Purple Potatoes, Quinoa, Sacha Inchi Seeds & Oil, Sweet Potatoes, Yacon, and Yuca. Some of these food items we know readily and others are somewhat familiar from shopping in so called ethnic grocery stores of people from Africa, Asia, and Hispanic enclaves. I want to add a point here: Global communities have been in contact for a very long time. Well before the discovery of the "New World' in 1492,  even earlier adventurers, slaves, and sailors have had their roles in transporting food, animals, seeds and Commerce off the beaten track and, to all points on the astrolabe dial  and  ever improving maps. Additionally: some of us tend to forget that a number of these indigenous foods of Peru are crops throughout the New World. Yes the diversity of them is greatest in Central and South America; but these food options are housed throughout the New World; from the Bering Straits through to, Fuego de la Terra.  Besides the indigenous populations, various colonizers sustain themselves on these foods and took them home and, everywhere else they sought booty.
For example; before Ireland could experience an Irish Potato Famine, this nightshade vegetable was imported to Ireland from the Americas. We could also mention various other nightshade plants on Villacorta's list: IMAGINE Italy or India without tomatoes and eggplants, Thailand & China without chilies, peppers and so on…We have not even made mention of all the precious spices that generated 'spice wars', stolen then transplanted seedlings, and numerous amputees and dead left behind... so that food would not be bland tasting. From then to now we still require cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, paprika (acknowledged by Villacorta), cardamom, nutmeg and ginger for wholesome cooking. They were worth their weight in gold (silver in the New World). Nowadays one can purchase them readily.  Yet one cannot imagine how folks lived and endured before cacao arrived as chocolate (food of the Gods), or those peace pipe offerings that now have morphed into a Marlboro Man and Vaping.
I took this long route back to the mountains and glaciers of Peru so that we can appreciate how this remote landscape has been able to maintain some of its food integrity up to now while it is exploited for other resources, i.e. silver mining, tourism. Somewhat regrettably; the grain quinoa has become a cash crop rather than a cultivated staple for the Peruvian citizens. This is due to our discovery in the USA of its high nourishment quota and so now it is an expensive food that natives can no longer feed to their families. Yes; people here have money to purchase from sources online; but with our declining middle class, lower income dancers may not have such disposable income to consume this gourmet grain as daily fare. In final analysis: each dancer will make decisions for better performances through better health.
Manuel Villacorta shares his experiences and wisdom of the lifestyle changes that can be accomplished from conscious eating of "slow" rather than 'fast food'. Mind you it is not like most of us do not know how poor the Standard American Diet (SAD) is. We have digested the Food Pyramid and now the PLATE diagram (of portions) advising better though still sad answers to 'what to eat'. From reading this book, I am here to tell you these Peruvian Super foods are one true advance in health and wellness. Here is M. Villacorta's personal testimonial on their efficacy.

Growing up in Peru, we always enjoyed homemade meals made with whole foods, which, unbeknownst to me at the time, incorporated powerful superfoods. This new way of living (in the USA) made me completely homesick, fat, and unsatisfied. Something was missing in my life, and that's when I said, "Enough is enough". I needed to reboot. I called my mom and asked her to mail me my favorite recipes (this was before e mail). As soon as the mail arrived, I would rip open the letter, rush to the grocery store, and teach myself how to prepare my native dishes. Slowly, I began to get back to my normal weight. I felt invigorated, empowered, and revitalized. Back in the day, these Peruvian superfoods were hard to find, but now they are readily available in the United States.
After realizing the strength that my native foods and diet gave to me, I did some research and discovered the reason why the foods that I ate growing up are some of the cleanest, most immune boosting and most detoxifying foods on the planet!

Page Two; First and Second Paragraphs

Manuel Villacorta is a bilingual registered dietitian. His book about Peruvian superfoods contains his Mom's scrumptious recipes shown with high resolution photographs; full ingredients are stated with directions, and helpful bytes of information to reinforce culinary science with helpful usage. This is a comprehensive lifestyle regiment that is both do - able and optimum. He suggests that those of us that join his Incan boot-camp begin with the five (5) day color coded detox smoothies. Color therapy and psychology gives an additional power tool to keep one on course with motivation, meditation, and focus.

Day One – Red Reboot Foods

Red fruits and veggies are in this detox smoothies for their lycopene and anthocyanin phytochemicals. Strawberries, tomatoes, cooked beets, chia seeds, cinnamon, coconut water, Camu Camu and a protein powder (choice of rice, whey, or pea) are blended in amounts that will give you either one serving or, the three(3) to get through a day.

Day Two – Orange Reboot Foods

Suprerfoods rich in carotenoid and bioflavonoids are sought for their anti-oxidant role in health. These ingredients are familiar and popular as carrots, oranges, papaya, coconut water, cinnamon, chia seeds with the previously mentioned protein powder.

Day Three – Yellow Reboot Foods

Like the orange groups, yellow foods are rich in vitamin C, strong antioxidants and opulent in phytochemicals, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids. Here the expansive yellow of sunshine resides in yellow cherry tomatoes, Pichuberries, yellow squash, pineapples, coconut water, chia seeds, turmeric and the reliable boost of protein powder. Here would be the important time to celebrate the relatively unknown pichuberry's low bio glycemic index and its special/distinct group of anti-oxidants that reduce oxidative stress, suppress carcinogens and, are rich in heart healthy fatty acids.

Day Four – Green Reboot Foods

This is a YUM Stop... for the fruits & veggies that are rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and indoles. Dancers and most others will love just how much their immune system gets a boost, plus protection against cellular damage. This is also an eyeball alert! No one of us gets enough lutein.
Here is where spinach, trusty kale, pineapple, parsley, avocado, ginger, Lucuma powder, coconut water, and protein powder get to fill up a thermos. Building on what we are learning from the good earth's steward Manuel Villacorta, Peruvian superfood LUCUMA contains essential trace minerals, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Day Five – Blue / Purple Reboot Foods

Though these fruits and veggies by their color are not as numerous as the other colors (food options) in Nature's cornucopia, they have crucial nutrients that re-enforce the previous four color groups. Their distinct anthocyanins, phenolics, and resveratrol make great skin (our largest organ) possible. This is especially true for resveratrol. With these wholesome options: the use of Botox could be greatly reduced. This smoothie with royalty's color purple contains peeled yellow squash, blueberries, blackberries, Chicha Tisane, chia seeds and the trusty protein powder. Chicha Tisane contains dried purple corn kernels, three cinnamon sticks, clove, pineapple peel and water. It could be described as an infusion tea.
Your mouth will water as you look at the vivid pictures that accompany the recipes and smoothies. Instinctively, emotionally, kinetically and spiritually you know that a lifestyle adjustment is taking place. We have Manuel Villacorta's MOM to also thank for sharing her family trove of traditional recipes that make up chapter Four. This book's presentation is such that you have four weeks of menus to mix and match /repeat. Manuel Villacorta and Sarah Koszyk, M.A.,R.D have organized this book to appease and fulfill many segments of populations as well as answer numerous queries concerning wellness via conscious eating. The book also accommodates gluten – free eaters as well as male and female vegans, vegetarian and 'regular' omnivores. Equally important: are the appendix notes that tell where to find Peruvian superfoods and tells their authentic claim to fame. Buy the book and make the adjustments in this New Year of the Sheep!
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